Tav Falco is poised to take centerstage with the provocative and timely Cabaret of Daggers. Recorded in Rome, the album features newly-penned Falco originals which question the sanity of our troubled times, alongside carefully-curated selections from over 80 years of the Great American Songbook. Released by ORG Music, Cabaret of Daggers is available as a limited edition, yellow colored vinyl pressing of 750 copies. Standard black vinyl edition and digital download are available for purchase at ORG Music.

“Watch out for your happy home! The 40th PANTHER HOWL Art-Action Happening is coming to your town! The Panther Burn Beat goes on and on! Bringing you songs of dissent, reckoning, and uptight America’s decline into global destruction. Dance the last naked Tango and behold a striptease of the senses that will leave your naked brain crying for more.”

             ORG Music